Are you like me that you’re not a huge fan of drinking water?

For some reason, since I was little I was bad at drinking water. The flavor didn’t caught my attention, so unless I exercised I forgot to drink it.

Now a days I found new tricks to fool myself by decorating it and pimping it a little.

There is always a fruit and a plant to make the magic! You don’t need to but artificial 
Flavors. Try different combinations every day, there’s is going to be one that your absolutely going to love!


Si eres como yo, el agua natural no es tu bebida favorita. Desde chiquita me costaba trabajo tomarla a menos que hiciera ejercicio, así que para no deshidratarme he buscado mil maneras de darle sabor! Antes usaba saborizantes artificiales, hoy en día veo que fruta y que planta echarle!!

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